Edy Greenblatt, Ph.D. is an educator, master coach and organizational expert with an entrepreneurial approach and background. She provides motivational speaking, team and leadership development as well as individual behavioral coaching for a wide variety of corporate and non-profit clients. Edy has the unique ability to combine business acumen, intellectual capital, and common sense to create effective solutions for her clients.

Dr. Greenblatt’s approach to coaching is informed by two decades of experience as a successful entrepreneur, professor, professional dancer, coach and consultant. Subsequent to founding and managing an arts and entertainment agency, an adventure travel service and a real estate business, Edy decided to deepen her understanding of personal and organizational change by returning to school (see Education below). After completing her doctorate at Harvard, she was appointed Assistant Professor at the Marshall School of Business’ Center for Effective Organizations at University of Southern California.

Edy is the founder and president of Execu-care Coaching & Consulting. Her company’s services and expertise reflect the years Edy spent working on research and client engagements with some of the management world’s greatest thought leaders in Team Building (J. Richard Hackman), Leadership (Warren Bennis), Behavioral Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith) and Human Resource Management (Ed Lawler, III).  Edy is a senior consultant with the Alliance for Strategic Leadership and a member of the World Association of Business Coaches.

Dr. Greenblatt is a management thought leader and innovator in her own right. She has authored or co-authored 11 articles, books and instructional videotapes. Edy created both Personal Resource Management and field of Strategic Restoration. These approaches that enhance physical, psychological and intellectual performance, are highlighted in her article “Worklife Balance: Wisdom or Whining” in Organizational Dynamics. As an offshoot of this work, Edy has become the world authority on using the psycho-physical effects of flying trapeze to improve employee and organizational performance. Her leadership, team building, behavioral coaching and performance enhancement courses are offered throughout the United States.


Verizon, Nortel, Radica, Cardinal Health, Amgen, Qualcomm, British Telecom, Dilbeck GMAC Realtors, Overture, Club Med, CertaPro Paint, Los Angeles County Hospital, Jewish Centers Association, St.Vincent DePaul Charities, and Potowatomi Casino.


Edy earned an M.A. in Social Psychology from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Harvard Business School & Harvard University’s Joint Doctoral Program. Previously she received her B.A. in World Arts & Cultures and M.A. in Dance Ethnology (Anthropology) from UCLA. She has promised to stop collecting degrees.

Travel Preferences

Based in Southern California.  If you really need her somewhere, just ask.

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President, Execu-care Coaching & Consulting
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